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A Message From The Fund President

Welcome to the OneAmerica Funds website. OneAmerica Funds, Inc. has been in operation since 1989 and currently offers five portfolios: Value, Money Market, Investment Grade Bond, Asset Director and Socially Responsive. This website includes financial information, prospectuses and annual reports for each portfolio as well as insights from each portfolio's investment managers. I trust that you will find this information useful as you review your investments.

As we look back on 2013, we are reminded of the diverse and numerous headwinds that our nation faced, including dissention within Congress leading to tighter fiscal policy and a partial government shutdown, the possibility of tighter U.S. monetary policy and weak global economic growth. Despite these challenges, the U.S. equity market shrugged off these uncertainties posting its best calendar year return since the late 1990s. Conversely, the bond market did not fare as well as confidence in the strength of our economic recovery pushed interest rates higher during the year, causing downward pressure on bond prices. 

Investment performance for each portfolio in OneAmerica Funds, Inc. for the 2013 calendar year has been listed below.

Portfolio Class O Advisor Class
Value Portfolio 32.3%  31.9%
Money Market Portfolio   0.0%    0.0%
Investment Grade Bond Portfolio -2.2%  -2.5%
Asset Director Portfolio   18.3%    17.9%
Socially Responsive Portfolio 31.4% 31.1%


Performance numbers for the OneAmerica portfolios are net of investment advisory fees and other expenses paid by each portfolio, but do not reflect specified contract, mortality and expense risk charges.

Board Update
I am pleased to announce that Elaine Bedel has joined the board as a new director. She is the President and owner of Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc., a comprehensive fee-only wealth management firm. Her tenure in the industry, extensive investment experience, market insight and disciplined approach will provide tremendous value to the board. 

As always, I am grateful for the confidence you have placed in us and your continued investment in OneAmerica Funds, Inc.

J. Scott Davison
OneAmerica Funds, Inc.

February 19, 2014